Comparing the Pricing of Online Video Platform Providers


As enterprise video / corporate video is becoming more and more popular (and as I bumped into this website sharing public pricing and functionality information regarding online video platforms, OVPs) I thought I’d share you the same information in curated form! So here you go my readers: functionality and pricing comparison of a bunch of a online video platform providers.

All images on this article are in courtesy of VidCompare.

The comparison below is based on the website so a) I haven’t made this information up, b) I’m only sharing info which seems to already be public, and c) I’m not favoring any of these providers (though I did omit many out, but that was only for the sake of readability).

Anyhow, here’s a comparison chart of functionalities of six different online video platform providers (OVP), with the pricing comparison at the very end. What is curious to see, is that none of these options have included ‘online video editing’ into their portfolio.

OVP Providers Comparison Chart

When it comes to pricing VBrick and Twistage (now known as Perceptive Software) haven’t made their pricing public, instead every prospect gets a customized offer. However, the other four have public pricing and I did include seven other OVP providers more to the pricing list below. I tried to always take the pricing of the ‘enterprise edition’. The providers are  featured from the cheapest to the priciest, not taking into account the variations within functionalities.

  • Vidizmo: $79/month for 10 users, 702€/year
  • VidCaster Enterprise: $249/month for 750Gb bandwith and 125Gb sotrage, 2.212€/year
  • Kaltura SaaS Edition: $499/month, 4.434€/year
  • Viocorp Enterprise: 6.500AUD/year for 1Tb monthly bandwith, 4.569€/year
  • Right Brain Media: $799/month for 3Tb monthly video bandwith, 7.099€/year
  • Enterprise: £499/month for 500Gb monthly video bandwith, 7.128€/year
  • Vyoo Publisher Enterprise: £500/month for 1Tb monthly bandwith, 7.143€/year
  • Ensemble Video: $10.000/year for 1Tb video bandwith, 7.404€/year
  • Qbrick Professional: 1.300€/month, 15.600€/year
  • MediaPlatform Medium: 2.000€/month, 17.770€/year
  • Brightcove Enterprise: 4.200/month, 37.317€/year

What do you think about the pricings? Are they asking too much or too little? How much would you be willing to pay for an OVP?

An more importantly, did I leave any important OVP out which has a public pricing? Let me know in the comments below!


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