Employee Engagement through Online Video-Based Storytelling


Storytelling is making a comeback for employee engagement thanks to the ever-increasing amount of online video within corporations. This is because employees need engaging information in which they can believe. Needless to say, stories help create meaning, and videos tell stories better than almost any other medium available.

According to Qumu, an American enterprise video software provider, communications teams can get dazzled by the technology and forget about storytelling, which is what truly engages people.  So even though technology has enabled communications teams to connect people in new ways, provide better access to news and help people communicate, the used formats do often lack ‘soul’.

Besides bringing video into the ‘one-to-many’ storytelling as Qumu suggests, many companies are enabling their employees to create online video content, as someone might call it, ‘to crowdsource the online video creation’. This is especially great for:

  1. Knowledge Sharing,
  2. Competence Development, and as the topic hinted
  3. Employee Engagement

Knowledge Sharing

‘Knowledge Sharing in Action’  image courtesy of palib.com

What makes employee-generated video content so powerful in knowledge sharing is its genuineness. I mean, the fact that a person who knows a certain issue (the best practice) extremely well can share his/her knowledge as naturally as possible, in a video. To boost, video is also more memorable, perceivable and enjoyable format for the end-user!

Then again, in competence development video is more comprehensive and it is easier to follow its story line. What is more, online video-based content is adoptable at any time, any place, and any device. These two together generate more effective self-improvement in an enjoyable, memorable and relaxing format. Furthermore, creating and sharing best practices in video format is still considered sort of a ‘special communication format’, showcasing technological expertise, as simply-communicate.com describes.

To conclude, online video has brought the importance and demand for storytelling back in picture. Video has proven extremely effective in knowledge sharing, competence development, and employee engagement where people need story lines to understand the meaning and remember the core message. Only the future tells how extensively video will be utilized within organizations, but it is certain its importance will grow.

This is because with the ease of production, editing, distribution, and access online video is an ideal form of learning, competence development, knowledge sharing and other communication, making them more memorable, enjoyable and perceivable.


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