Online Video as a Communication Channel


Gone are the days when global communication depended on words and photos alone. In today’s global business environment, employees have an immense variety of different communication tools and channels from social media to forums, and from emails to online videos.

No matter which one is chosen, the key factor is that the communication channel needs to be able to transmit the message from sender to receiver, preferably in a fast and easy way.

When pondering which of the numerous communication channels one would then choose, by far the best one would quite obviously be face-to-face. However, too often this option is not possible due to long distances. In this case, the second best case would probably be a live video conference. However, this option as well is too often impossible due to different schedules and – in the global world of ours – time zones.

So what to do when people cannot get together in a specific place in a specific time? Send an email like we’re used to do? What if the receiver of the message won’t understand what the sender intended to say? What if the message cannot be conveyed with words only or is extremely hard in that case? Or what if there are tens or hundreds of people who need to be contacted and one needs to be sure that each and every one of them understands the intended message? Sounds familiar?

The solution is there right in front of you: video. And in the case of global business environment: Online Video. It doesn’t matter that you cannot share the screen at a specific time with someone; make the video first and then send it to him or her or both of them and they’ll watch it when it’s the best moment for them and vice versa! Such a brilliant and simple idea so why hasn’t it been done before? The reason was the process: In the beginning I told you that the key factors when choosing the communication channel are that the chosen channel needs to be able to transmit the message in a fast and easy way. It wasn’t fast and easy to make online videos and share them with others extremely quickly before – now it is with solutions usable within your smartphone!

By using an online video format you can be sure that the message will be as clear as possible and successfully transmitted to the receiver(s). You no longer need to be in a certain place in a certain time to be able to utilize the potential of videos and to really show the message. As a global communication channel video is unbeatable and by 2014 videos will account for 90% of all internet traffic. Try it yourself and get surprised! I promise you won’t get disappointed!

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