Crowdsourcing Competence Development w/ Online Videos


It is widely acknowledged that videos can help marketers and sales in numerous ways. Videos increase the confidence to buy a certain product,they drive more people to your website & increase the time spent there, and eventually videos will increase your sales. So we agree that online video’s a great tool for sales and marketing departments. Great.

But what if I told you online video’s the perfect tool for Human Resources, HRD, Internal Communication, Management, and to many other internal functions as well?

For some this sounds odd or at least new, and who am I to blame them? Online videos are a rather new concept for many B2C, and certainly for B2B companies. Sure there have been video ads for decades but what this blog post’s about is the enormous potential online videos hold for businesses internally as well. I hope the upcoming series of blog posts will help you to understand how to unveil the full potential online videos possess. This one will concentrate in HRD and in how to crowdsource the enormous amount of silent information, best practices and skills possessed by your company staff by using online videos.

Let’s face a situation: Company A is having a challenge because during the following 15 years close to 40% of their employees will retire. All the experience, the knowledge, the skills are going to be lost and new inexperienced  employees with no understanding of company culture are about to join the flock. At the same time globally functioning Company B is facing a situation where they are in desperate need to ensure the quality and skill level of their employees while the quality of the job done is alternating and new similar yet different chores are to come.

Company A is considering to arrange mass occasions where the more experienced employees will share their knowledge to the younger ones whereas Company B will develop a uniform procedure that will be trained to a number of people who will then train the same thing locally. What the both companies are about to do is a) expensive, b) slow, c) unnecessary with today’s technology. Of course some situations require interactive training but mostly it is not needed.

Empty Lecture Hall

An empty lecture hall, this is what you should strive for. Picture by al-taqi@flickr

What the both companies could, and actually should, do is to use online videos to solve their challenges. Company A could save the silent information into online video format and share it to all its new employees during induction process regardless of place and time, as many times needed. The online videos could be about the company culture, the most common chores done, useful tips, or best practices. On the other hand, Company B could record on video some of its most efficient employees that produce prominently excellent quality, year after year. Then share that material globally with all its employees and voilà! The exactly same quality of training material with no variability due to different people training other people and again, usable at any time, any place, any device.

If a company really wants to go deep into crowdsourcing competence development with online videos and unveiling the full potential of them in HRD there are numerous ways to do that: Company can for example enable its employees to record training material, best practices, interesting events, etc. themselves and then share it to all employees. This way of sharing the silent information is something that hasn’t been possible for long or at least not in such a simple and fast way. Online videos have made it real and accessible to any company with low costs.

Any employee can easily create a screen rec video, speak it, and explain how a certain software works or skim through PowerPoint slides and share what the past meeting was about. The possibilities are huge even though the current application areas (at first) may seem scarce. I encourage you to take a moment to think outside the box and ponder whether online video would be the perfect solution for your company to share relevant information, best practices and unveil the full potential of internal business development! Also share your thoughts, ideas, comments, feedback in the comment box below. I would love to hear how you see online videos could be used in business to gain cost reductions and save time.


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