W (a.k.a. Torres del Paine)


The southermost Patagonia in Chile
Three days of hiking; all together ~60km
Carrying one’s tent, food, everything
The most beautiful national park in the world
Only one letter:


So, I decided to hike this legendary hike in the Parque Nacional Torres del Paine which is known as W while the route reminds in a way the letter itself.

After Ushuaia I got myself to Puerto Natales, Chile and sat on the breakfast table with this French guy Bertrand. I had my plan of going to see the famous Torres but after quick chat with Patou I decided to go for the W.

After renting all the stuff (tent, shoes, pants, jacket, cooking stuff, etc.) we got to the gates of Torres del Paine on Wednesday 7th of December and oh boy what a VIEW it was!!!

Torres del Paine, Patagonia, Chile

Las Torres rise 2km almost vertically from the lake below them. The view is undescribable and no picture can ever make justice for what can truly be witnessed only over there.

The most beautiful national park, however, offers so much more than these famous towers: also Los Cuernos del Paine are a stunning creation of erosion not to mention the whole park itself with its crystal clear (REALLY crystal clear, one can drink the water from them) lakes and rivers and glaciers.

Cuernos del Paine, Chile

Even though we had planned on doing the trip in 4 days we decided to skip the last day and Glaciar Grey while Bertrand had already seen Glaciar Perito Moreno and I was heading there next and the weather was to be really bad. Can’t say I regret the decision after having one of the best massages in my life on Saturday after the hike and drinking amazing local beers (Austral, you took my heart with that Indian Pale Ale of yours).

The best hike in my life, even though it was very very challenging and I did think many times why the heck am I doing this… Eventually, when you make it, the feeling is so incredible, the views are so astounishing, and the experience so incomparable that you know you will come back there just to get the feeling again of over-accomplishing yourself and witnessing something you could have never imagined to exist nor to see.

Tired and muy buena ondas from El Calafate

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