Something about Beginning and Ending an Era


It is 4 months since I left Finland.

I’ve truly experienced Buenos Aires, I’ve chewed coca leaves in Jujuy, I’ve tasted vino tinto in bodegas of Mendoza, I’ve witnessed the roaring noise of Iguazú falls, had asado in Rosario, walked in the boheamin alleys of Valparaiso, seen whales in Peninsula Valdés, danced tango, drunk maté, partied all night in boliches, got stolen in the craziest party ever in Creamfields Buenos Aires 2011, eaten bife, got friends, and most importantly – I feel like I have lived.

My exchange period is coming close to the end. Yesterday I had two of my final exams after which we celebrated the 21st birthday of my good friend Damian. Day after tomorrow I will head to Ushuaia, Tierra del Fuego, to the southest point of this immense continent and this journey marks the beginning of my South American Odysseia. After the two weeks in Tierra del Fuego and Patagonia I will head back for the one last time to the city I’ve begun to love before continuing to Bolivia for Christmas.

Now writing this blog for the first time, I honestly have no clue where this journey will take me. I have a “plan” and the book of Lonely Planet to guide me but I sincerely hope that I will meet people who will in some way encourage me to go further and see what I could have never even imagined to see. Now after writing this little cliché-sounding beginning I can start to concentrate in the essential: travelling, experiencing, and living. I’m excited, bit afraid, but still eagerly waiting where I will find myself during these following months of my travel.

Mucho, Mucho, Mucho buena onda.
Iguazú Falls


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