I am a musician, mountaineer, traveler, video enthusiast, sales & marketing man, and looking to inspire others while searching the most rewarding way to live this life.


I’m an advocate of change, driven by seeing new places, meeting new people and inspiring others to profoundly live.

In my day job as a Marketing Communications Coordinator at Dream Broker I’m responsible of Dream Broker’s marketing communications activities. This includes managing Dream Broker social media, managing and further developing an incentive-based employee advocacy procedure, building and implementing social media & link building strategies, blogging, community management, product marketing, etc. – aiming to build a world-class inbound marketing machine. I believe online video is becoming the most desired communication and learning channel thanks to its perceivable, memorable, enjoyable and more vivid format and I want to be part of that.

I get inspired by people who go beyond the so called limits whether it’s climbing K2, paragliding down the Alps, base jumping Ángel Falls in Venezuela or building a software product worth of millions. What I’m looking for and what I’m most passionate about is inspiring people. In concrete this passion has transformed into love towards traveling, music, culture, geography, design, and languages. I try to constantly develop in these areas – plan new trips, compose new songs, meet new people, learn countries’ flags by heart, scribble rudimentary designs, learn Arabic… and a lot more is still to come.

When it comes to traveling, boy I could talk the rest of my life about it if I wouldn’t be traveling so much! Though I’ve seen so little (35 countries), my goal is to visit 100+ countries by the year 2030. Music then again, well I’ve played the piano since a four-year-old kid and ever since that it’s been my dearest wish to become a professional musician. Though I do occasionally perform in events (and receive a little income) there’s still a long way to go to the point when I’m a professional, with my own CD’s and people listening to and enjoying my melodic music. And finally climbing/mountaineering, have you done it? If you haven’t, do! It is by far the most rewarding feeling one can achieve on this planet. Reaching the top of a mountain, watching the sunrise and the shadow the mountain reflects, the excruciating physical needs, all contributing in the most wonderful feeling when you’re on top. I will climb the Seven Summits during my life time. Later I might write a book about Buenos Aires, my favorite place on Earth which in a weird and profound way made me feel complete and alive.

You find more information of my travels, climbs, music, ideas, thoughts, visions, and inspirations on this site.. If you want to get inspired (by photographs), go here. If you want to hear my music, listen to it here. And if there’s anything else, feel free to contact me.

All the best and cheerios,

M i i k k a